Artisan Chocolate Bars 10 flavours available

Sea salt caramel chocolate bar – smooth rich caramel with a hit of sea salt

Aztec spiced praline chocolate bar – mixed spices a hit of orange praline

Coconut and cherry chocolate bar – Morello cherry and coconut

Popcorn chocolate bar – a popcorn and almond praline

Caramel and walnut praline chocolate bar – smooth rich caramel layered with crunchy walnut praline

Sea salt caramel and lime jam chocolate bar – smooth rich sea salt caramel with a zesty hit of lime

Cranachan chocolate bar – oats, raspberry and white chocolate whisky ganache

Peanut praline and berry jam chocolate bar – a peanut and almond praline layered with berry jam

Raspberry and rose fondant cream chocolate bar – fruity raspberry fondant with a hint of rose

Blackcurrant and violet fondant cream chocolate bar – fruit blackcurrant fondant with a hit of violet

The bars have been hand made and beautifully decorated using the finest ingredients, packaged in a little black box.

Made to order Made locally