Artisan Caramels  

Soft Caramels with a big burst of flavour

Soft slightly chewy artisan caramel 8 flavours available

Raspberry caramel – big burst of raspberry in this smooth caramel

Blackcurrant caramel – soft caramel with a burst of sharp sweet blackcurrants

Mango and passionfruit caramel- sweet and sharp with a fruity finish

Chocolate lime caramel- rich smooth chocolate caramel with a pleasant hit of zesty lime

Almond and cherry caramel- sweet sharp Morello cherry caramel with a toasted nutty crunch of almonds

Sea salt Caramel- this Great Taste Award winning 2018 caramel is very popular with its smooth rich buttery caramel taste finishing with the loved sea salt taste

Coffee and rum caramel – rich smooth coffee caramel using coffee bean finishing with warming rum

Assorted caramels – great way to taste them all

all packaged in a white “A” frame box

shelf life is 6 months kept in a cool dry place away from strong smells and damp